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Cultural resort Viljandi awaits

There aren't many boroughs where to a small are is gathered such a large number of people and establishments involved in culture.

Viljandi – Estonian cultural resort!

Wonderful experiences are guaranteed with Ugala theater's diverse repertoire as well as at the concerts in the traditional music center.

Connected with staying in one of the cozy hotels in Viljandi guarantees a culturally rich travel experience.

Viljandi has a blooming café and food culture. Multiple newcomers as well as experienced doers who offer delicious taste experiences made from local produce. 

No trip to Viljandi can go by without a visit to the castle hills. The place is a lovely spot for a walk no matter the time of the year. Who has the energy can go for a hike around the Viljandi lake where the city can be seen from a whole new angle. 

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