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Surround yourself with nature in Suwałki

Suwałki is known for beautiful nature that surrounds the city. Many small lakes and picturesque rivers make it ideal for outdoor activities.

Suwałki - surrounded by beautiful nature

Suwałki is the largest city and the capital of the historical Suwałki region.

Suwałki is located in northeastern Poland and has a population of about 70 000. The town is characterised by its classicist architecture, its wide streets and low, two-storey houses.There are ancient churches to be seen, along with museums and beautiful parks, however Suwałki’s attraction lies primarily in its beautiful surroundings.

In the vicinity of Suwałki there are numerous nature reserves, natural sights, rivers and two primeval forests that create countless opportunities for recreation and leisure activities.

Suwalki sightseeing – Church
Suwalki sightseeing – Buildings and birds
Suwalki sightseeing – Island
Suwalki sightseeing – Forest and Lake

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