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Breathtaking beauty in St. Petersburg

A majestic city with museums, palaces, opera and ballet theatres for cultural experiences that no other city can offer.

St. Petersburg - a city to fall in love with

Rich cultural scene, breathtaking beauty, canals, parks and palaces.

A meeting point between East and West, St. Petersburg is a traveller’s dream. More affordable than most Western cities, it gives an opportunity to experience incredible architecture, art and culture. The city is famous for the mysterious white nights, romantic rivers and channels, bridges, grand museums, magnificent palaces and beautiful suburbs.

No visitor can miss the stunning Winter Palace, Hermitage with one of the most prestigious and largest art collection in the world, or Peterhof palace with its signature fountains. Since the launch of free electronic visa St. Petersburg is more accessible than ever.

St Petersburg sights – Passage
SPB – City River Panorama
St Petersburg attractions – River and Boats
SPB – River Panorama
St Peterburg sightseeing  – City Promenade
SPB – Sunset

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