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Beach vibes and sunshine in Pärnu

The summer capital of Estonia invites with its beautiful beaches, numerous spas and cosy cafes.

Pärnu - the summer capital of Estonia

Best time to visit Pärnu is during the summer half-year.

If you're thinking of a beach holiday in the Baltics, Pärnu will surely be #1 in the list of destinations. With its amazing sandy beach, busy yacht harbour, numerous spa hotels and the best surfing conditions in Scandinavia, Pärnu is an easy yet reliable choice for a perfectly fun holiday.

The best restaurants in Pärnu are definitely worth visiting because they use local seasonal produce and are featured in the Estonian Restaurant Guide. Besides the fancy a la carte restaurants, you will find many lovely cafes and good pubs in the town center and the beach area.

Pärnu beach
promenade with bus
Pärnu old town
Pärnu port
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Pärnu attractions
Pärnu old town at night time
Pärnu sights
Pärnu promenade

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