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Discover the border town of Narva

A place where two cultures meet

The border town of Narva

What makes Narva special is its rich cultural heritage combined with modern innovations. Discover the beauty and possibilities of this city!

Two grand fortresses rise very close to each other in the border town, one on the other side of the river bank, but yet they have the effect of a single architectural ensemble. The bastions of Narva are the main attraction of the city, carrying mystical secrets and rich history.

The kilometer-long riverside promenade is a popular stop and an active hangout among locals and visitors alike.

Lux Express passes through Kohtla-Järve, Sillamäe, Tempo and Fama Keskus stops on the Tallinn-Narva route.

narva sildiga
kindusele vaade
Narva linnus
Narva vaatamisväärsused

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