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Discover bordertown Narva

Narva is a place where two cultural worlds meet, mutually influence and interpenetrate each other.

Narva - gateway between Russia and Estonia

The Catholic European North and Orthodox Slavonic East blend into an exceptional cultural gem.

The integration of opposites in Narva is unique in the whole Europe. Two giant fortresses of stone are towering in close vicinity to each other on two opposite river banks, yet they make up an integral ensemble. Narva bastions are the main attraction in town, carrying mysterious secrets and rich history.

1 km long promenade by the river is a popular place for leisure activities among locals as well as visitors. Alexander's Cathedral and Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ warmly welcome everyone who are looking for more spiritual experiences.

Narva river sightseeing
Narva attractions and museums
Narva fortress
Narva church
Narva church
Narva fortress

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