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Feel how time slows down in Kuressaare

Welcome to the magical island of Saaremaa where time has a different value. Relaxing vacation gets a whole new meaning in Kuressaare.

Kuressaare - in harmony with nature

The biggest island in Estonia is acknowledged as a UNESCO biosphere area.

Locals in Saaremaa carry on traditions that are centuries old and live a sustainable and resourceful island life. Even though it is difficult to explain, one can feel the time slow down immediately after setting foot on this magical island. Kuressaare Episcopal Castle is the best preserved medieval fortress in the Baltic countries, the first written records of it dating back to 1380.

Today there is a history museum displaying stories of the distant past and recent history of Saaremaa. At the castle you can go on a treasure hunt or practice archery. With over 1200 spa beds for 15 000 inhabitants, Kuressaare is the world’s most spa-dense town.

Saaremaa can be easily reached by Lux Express bus from Tallinn and in the summer period also from Tartu (Tartu-Kuressaare line 16.06-20.08.2023).

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