Experience the spirit of freedom in Kaunas

Capital of Culture 2022 Kaunas is famous for its Interwar architecture, rich history and strong national spirit represented by "Žalgiris".

Kaunas - spirit of freedom lives on

Second biggest city of Lithuania will be European Capital of Culture 2022.

Kaunas is located at the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers and due to its geographical location and history is often called ""the heart of Lithuania"". During the Interwar period Kaunas was the temporary capital of Lithuania and played a vital role for the rebirth of a nation.
To this day the spirit of freedom is very much alive, probably best depicted by a legendary basketball team ""Žalgiris"". Kaunas Interwar architecture was awarded the European Heritage label and is on its way to UNESCO. Tree–lined avenues, wide-open squares and spirit of freedom await you in Kaunas!