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Changes in the sales system


Dear clients,

We have „melted“ two sales systems into one- from now on it is possible to buy International and local bus tickets all from the same system –

Unfortunately, however, some problems occurred during the migration of systems, some of which we have resolved, some we are resolving and some of them are still being identified.

We apologize for the problems arising from the inconvenience! Our team is working at 24/7 to remove the bugs from the system, but unfortunately, we have to admit that the next few days, you may still encounter problems while purchasing tickets. In case you notice any problems in the sales system or purchase process let us know- together we will find problems more quicker and our team can fix them faster.

If we overcome the problems, you can expect the positive news:
- All the lines in one system - no need to adventure between the different systems, and figure out which of the system, what tickets can be bought.
Returning tickets is a lot easyer now- if there is more than 24h until departure – you will be refunded 100%, applying service fee 1€, if there is 24 hours to 1 hour – 50% refund. In Russia, Poland and Belarus 24 hours till departure – refund 50%, refund can be made during working hours of sales office or Agent´s office.
- Soon you will also be able to freely modify all of the tickets on the web.
- We improve the new system constantly to provide you as easy and hassle-free ticket shopping experience as possible.
We are happy about the changes, and we hope that few days of confusion are worth it the upgrades!
Thank you for your understanding and we hope that our comfortable buses and friendly drivers will compensate IT troubles!

Your Lux Express