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Bus is better!

Take our present of hundreds of kilometers free time!

We believe that travelling with Lux Express is a great alternative to getting your car. Leave the driving to us and use your time to prepare for the upcoming meeting or relax by listening to music or watching movies.

Our buses are waiting for you with wi-fi, 220V electricity, comfortable seats, media screens and friendly service.

Use the presonal promo-code given to you and test out our services FOR FREE!

Tallinn - Riga (and back)

Be sure to book your ticket in advance - free tickets are only avalable up to 6 days before departure!

To book your trip add promocode to the field "campaign code".

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  • Campaign rules
  • Lux Express dynamic pricing

Lux Express

  • We give you time - Lux Express coaches have free WiFi and 220V electricity with every seat-pair so you can be connected with the world while you travel;
  • Lots of legroom and adjustable seats to guarantee a comfortable trip;
  • Media screens with great variety of movies and music to offer you options to relax and enjoy your time spent with us;
  • Tickets can be comfortably bought from Lux Express webshop;
  • No need to print the ticket - you only need your ID card or passport to enter the bus!
  • Campaign tickets are avalable only in Lux Express sales system;
  • Campaign is valid for trips from 20.02.2017 until 31.03.2017 (17.03 - 26.03 excluded);
  • There is a limited amount of campaign tickets to each departure;
  • There must at least 6 days between ticket purchase and trip itself:
  • Every code is usable for one purchase and maximum two tickets;
  • Campaign tickets can not be exhanged;

Starting from year of 2016 Lux Express uses dynamic pricing. This means that the price of the ticket is no longer constant, the ticket price depends on the demand as well as on the departure time. 

Facts to keep in mind in order to get the cheaper prices:

  • Buy your tickets in advance - the remaining time before the departure affects the price 
  • Buy your tickets for a less popular departure - the price depends on the demand 
  • Buy your tickets from - the most attractive prices are available only in the Lux Express sales system

Depending on the demand, the price can change on the next day or even after one hour. The exact price will be displayed after choosing a trip, but to fix the price, ticket(s) have to be added in the purchase basket. Right before payment the system will calculate the final price of the ticket. If the purchase will be unsuccessful, the booking will be automatically cancelled and the previous dynamic price will be restored.

On our website, each route has a content page ( where you can see all available prices that can be seen in the sales system. While buying tickets from the bus driver, the maximum price applies.


If you plan your trip ahead you may get the ticket for a very attractive price:

Tallinn – Riga starting from 5 EUR
Tallinn – St. Petersburg starting from 10 EUR
Riga – St. Petersburg starting from 20 EUR
Helsinki – St. Petersburg starting from 10 EUR
Riga – Vilnius starting from 5 EUR
Vilnius – Warsaw starting from 5 EUR