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2011 was a financially successful year for Lux Express


2011 was a financially successful year for Lux Express Group, because the group companies earned over 514 000 Euros of profit. In comparison with 2010, the total profit of the group increased by more than 162 000 Euros or by about 46%.

The most profitable enterprise in the whole Group was AS Lux Express Estonia that increased their profit by more than 43 000 Euros (the increase was 12%) in comparison with 2010. In 2011, positive results within the group companies were also recorded in Lux Express Lithuania UAB and ZAO Eurolines/Lux Express Group. The last 12 months resulted in losses only for SIA Lux Express Latvia.

Hannes Saarpuu, the chairman of the board of Lux Express Group, commented on the results, „2011 was a successful year for Lux Express Group. We substantially increased our income, the number of passengers and our profit. At the same time, we expanded our operations in important markets like Poland and the St. Petersburg region, and we started several strategic development projects that we can introduce already in the near future. Saarpuu also added, “We are especially glad that the Riga – Tartu – St. Petersburg route started in the beginning of 2011 has been more successful than expected and in regards to turnover, it has taken the second place among all the Group routes and we are happy about the fact that, after some rough years, we are finally coming close to a breakthrough in the Lithuanian market, where we acquired a decent profit in 2011.„ 

More than 575 000 passengers used the services of Lux Express Group in 2011, which in comparison with 2010, meant an increase in the number of passengers by about 29%.

The most popular routes in 2011 serviced by Lux Express Group were Tallinn – St. Petersburg and Riga – St. Petersburg. In comparison with 2010, the number of passengers on the route Tallinn – St. Petersburg increased by 28% and on the route Riga – St. Petersburg by about 70%.

In 2011, Lux Express Group invested over 2 million Euros to buy new buses. Most of the amount – about 1.7 million Euros - was spent for buying 7 bright yellow Simple Express coaches.

On the subject of investments made, Hannes Saarpuu added that: „in 2011, our investment priorities were related to developing the Simple Express product concept and to expanding to new markets. During the last year, 7 new Simple Express coaches were added to our bus park in Russia, Lithuania and Latvia.“

Lux Express Group is a network of international transport companies that operates in the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian markets.  Lux Express Group provides its customers with comfortable and high-quality travelling services through the exclusive Lux Express and the affordable Simple Express brands.

Hannes Saarpuu

Chairman of the board

Lux Express Group

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