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1.15 million euro will be invested in carriage of passengers by buses in the Baltics


Despite the reduction of economic development leading passenger carrier in the Baltic "Eurolines Lux Express” plans to invest 1.15 million euro to expand and modernize the company's operations. Thereby, inhabitants of Latvia would be provided with even more simple and comfortable transportation to Lithuania and Estonia.

“Eurolines Lux Express” Chairman Hannes Saarpuu explains the need for additional investment: "The economic situation dictates us new requirements for the passenger transport sector. Business people more frequently choose buses for business trips in Baltic region at the same time requiring higher standards of quality. As an example I can mention need to have opportunity before the trip to place personal vehicle in a safe parking place.”

“Eurolines Lux Express” forecasts show that already in 2010 about 20% of cases buses will be used for business traveling between the Baltic capitals.

In the beginning of 2010 “Eurolines Lux Express" plans to buy several more modern buses, which will offer the passenger transportation in accordance with business environmental requirements.

Taking into account passenger’s comfort needs, there will be only three seats instead of four as it has been so far. Each passenger will have his own audio system. Like in the existing “Eurolines Lux Express” buses the client will be able to use free wireless Internet access, read the latest press, enjoy hot drinks and use other services.

The new buses will be the largest in the Baltic, they will reach 15 meters in length. It is expected that they will run between Riga - Vilnius, Riga - Klaipeda and Tallinn - St. Petersburg, thereby complementing the existing modern Lux Express bus park.

“Analyzing the structure of Latvian GDP in the 2nd quarter, we see a positive trend in passenger transportation. The increase over corresponding period of previous year at comparable prices is 3%. The industry, despite the overall decrease in economic activity, has been able to realize their full potential. This means that it is sufficiently competitive and flexible in these circumstances. Also the "Eurolines Lux Express” route traffic turnover first half this year has increased by 35.2%. The economic situation allows seeing new prospects that are important for the region's growth," notes Hannes Saarpuu.

About Eurolines Lux Express: brand “Eurolines Lux Express” is owned by MootorReisi AS that was established in 1993. At the moment company is the leading provider of coach services in Baltic region. Lux Express has offices in Vilnius, Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn, Tartu, St.Petersburg. The group fleet includes more than 40 tourist coaches. In 2008 the Eurolines Baltic invested around 1.5 million euro into the new buses. Every year group carries about half a million passengers with a turnover of close to 10 million euro.